Sunday, October 26, 2008

My new recycled Mannequin

Few days ago ,i was looking for a new mannequin .My old one was borrowed so i wanted to return it .I went to shops that are selling that kind of stuff to find one but they were either too expensive or i didn't like them.I remembered that i had an old one at my warehouse.I thought why not give it a try to fix it?It costs me less that 10 $ .The materials are very simple.Just glue and a newspaper.I am really satisfied with the final result.Here are some photos of the procedure. This is how it looked when i took the old skin out of it.
A glue and a newspaper is all you need for this homework
You start gluing the newspaper on .Shred the newspaper in small pieces so it will fit perfectly on.
A simple and stylish mannequin for taking pictures of your creations :)