Thursday, October 22, 2009

After several days of thinking,i decided to open up my second shop on Etsy.In this shop i 'll be selling handbags and purses made out of cotton.So far ,i didn't had much time to support it the way i wanted to.Its already full season with my knits but with some help from my husband ,i think i 'll be alright.I named it "milloo" because i really like the way it sounds...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My new recycled Mannequin

Few days ago ,i was looking for a new mannequin .My old one was borrowed so i wanted to return it .I went to shops that are selling that kind of stuff to find one but they were either too expensive or i didn't like them.I remembered that i had an old one at my warehouse.I thought why not give it a try to fix it?It costs me less that 10 $ .The materials are very simple.Just glue and a newspaper.I am really satisfied with the final result.Here are some photos of the procedure. This is how it looked when i took the old skin out of it.
A glue and a newspaper is all you need for this homework
You start gluing the newspaper on .Shred the newspaper in small pieces so it will fit perfectly on.
A simple and stylish mannequin for taking pictures of your creations :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Placing my items at and

Although i am pretty happy with how things are going on my Etsy shop,i decided to give it a try on two other Etsy alike sites.I was registered at this sites several months ago but never had the time to fully organize is a site to sell your crafted items .Mostly European buyers are visiting it.There aren't so many shops like Etsy but it's pretty well made and you can more easily been discovered there.My other shop is at which is located in Canada.It doesn't work like Etsy,here you pay a monthly payment according to the quantity of items you are posted.We'll see how it works!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Coming back from summer vacations.....

This is the famous "liston".Its located in the city of Corfu.Long time ago,only the rich and famous were allowed to sit for a coffee.There were a list of names that only they could sit there.That's why it is called "Liston"

A panoramic view of Agios Gordis Beach

Just me and my two children

Back to real life once more.Although this is happening every year ,i can't get used to the idea that i must wait a hole year to leave the city for a month.This year me and my husband took our two children and went to the island where i came from.Corfu.It was really relaxing although my second child ,who is 4 months old,has a lot of needs and demands my fully attention .At least i cleared my head from trying to find new designs for my shop and organizing it.My only concern ,besides my children ,was what time i will take my towel and my sunblock and head to the beach.I really love the beach of my village.A very long sandy beach with cedars on to provide you the necessary shadow.On my return to Athens,i came up with lots of new designs to knit.They will be occasionally posted .I also tried a recipe in Corfu that its great and very very hot.It is called Burdeto and I will post it for sure .Here are some pics i took during holidays.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The easiest way to carry your baby…

I didn’t know, till recently , about sling. It’s easier to wear around you and more comfortable for the baby.When I had my first baby,I bought a pouch.Neither me or my husband ever wear it because there were too many stripes on it and till it would be ready ,I normally took my baby boy in my arms and leave.Now,on my second one,I ‘ve decided to make a sling .

I found a great pair of aluminum rings from ocbabyDestash just for the particular purpose…

Knit with style...

Recently I purchased a pack of colorful crochet hoods from Margherite.When I saw them I couldn’t resist myself from buying them. After all, vintage is coming back in our life. A perfect chance to add some color in my toolbox. I haven’t use them yet but who cares ,as long as they are there to be seen…

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Posting for the first time

Hello to everyone.This is my first attempt creating a blog.I made this blog for three reasons.Knitting,Cooking,Shopping.I intend on post some of my favorite Greek recipes for those who like to experiment in the kitchen .I 'll also post some of my favorite buys and recommendations for people who like handmade and materials that i bought to make something according to my style.

Hope you enjoy!!We 'll be in touch